A personal risk assessment

Genetic Technologies' test products identify the personal genetic risk of developing a specific disease.

Personalised genetic risk profile 

Based on a patient’s risk profile, a healthcare provider will be empowered to recommend more frequent screening, medication or lifestyle changes.

Genetic risk assessment helps individuals and their healthcare provider develop personalised health management plans to promote early detection and treatment of disease.


Q4 2019*

Q3 - Q4 2020

Q2 2021

Breast Cancer*

Colorectal Cancer*

Type 2 Diabetes

Test validation to Market Ready


Test validation to Market Ready

COVID-19 sdr

Validation & Regulatory approval

Prostate Cancer


COVID-19 sdr

Market release

*Tests are developed and market launch is scheduled for Q1 2020

for Breast Cancer

A personalised breast cancer risk assessment test

for Colorectal Cancer

A personalised colorectal cancer risk assessment test